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thebathook 01-08-2017 12:38 AM

Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer
Has anyone had any experiences with this Programmer? As I read about it as a "piggy-back" module it boasts of more horse-power, better mpg and smoother shifting abilities. So I was looking for anyone who has tried it.

jkelly16 01-08-2017 08:08 AM

Any type of chip or module is a scam and can harm your vehicle. To do it properly you'll need a tuner to reprogram the PCM. Unfortunately starting with the 2015 year model Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles you'll either need to have your PCM unlocked (not reversible, warranty killer) or purchase a new one already unlocked along with a tuner (either option). It's gonna cost you about $1100 for the PCM & tuner.

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